Hi Bruce,

For those who use callbacks now, how is this in any way better? They will
> eventually end up using an OOP approach anyway (as that's the strategic
> goal).
> Migrating from `session_set_handler_callbacks()` would still be
> (potentially)
> non-trivial. And what's the point migrating *to*
> `session_set_handler_callbacks()`
> if we already know it will be deprecated and removed soon enough?

The reason why I think it's a good approach to have an intermediate state
is to give
these people the possibility to defer the actual migration until the
very end. So they can
choose what to do when the 6+ parameter version of
becomes deprecated: they can either go straight to session_set_handler()
*if they are ready* or
they can also choose gaining time with a very straightforward change and use
session_set_handler_callbacks() for at least a couple of years more.

The important thing is that people are not yet forced to make a bigger
effort, unless they are already
ready for that.


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