Hi Derick,

In any case, I don't mind this — I'm actually going to suggest to change
> the constructor to:
> public function __construct(DateTimeInterface $start, DateInterval
> $interval, DateTimeInterface|int $end, int $options = 0) {}
> And then *only* add:
> public static function createFromISO8601String(string $specification, int
> $options = 0): static {}
> This solves the original problem of not being able to define the
> signatures in stubs, and also extracts the most problematic of methods
> into a factory method where it should always have belonged.

Thanks for your response, I've just updated the RFC accordingly. It solves
the main issue indeed, and we still have the possibility to
add a second factory method using the $recurrences parameter later if we
deem it useful at some point.

With all that said, I don't want to update the RFC anymore, so I plan to
start the vote on Monday.


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