2010/4/8 Evgeny Kurbatov <evgenykurba...@yandex.ru>:
>>  As for the assumption  "not worth having Tuomo as a lead
>> non-developer...IMO", see other
>> projects such as Vim, or crappy Linux, where the leaders barely contribute
>> to the project. Instead they guide it.
> Actually it does not matter who the leader is if we choose well
> appointed strategy for the project.
> Tuomo can say "No Xinerama and EWMH", I say "Yes EWMH and Xinerama
> doesn't matter to me", and somebody can say "Xinerama is important but I
> don't care about EWMH" and so on.
> Let's discuss what will we do, then we choose the messiah.


Regards, Groleo!

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