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But why is this info living outside the IOTivity documentation?

because it's not related to iotivity's internal,
it was done for validation and demo purposes,
to make sure iotivity was usuable in production context
(install, headers, pkgconfig etc).

e.g. how can one know these kind of things?

Hence can we have at least links from IOTivity to this documentation and then an set of repos that will act as

well I only linked it on this page:


The whole idea that I have is that this code is useful but not necessary, and it will be tight to an specific release.

e.g. it will become stale if api changes…. Which is ok..

yes, IHMO necessary code should be the priority
"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."

Hence maintenance is limited, it will be checked that it works under certain conditions.. and the conditions should be documented

(e.g. the used release version etc..).

e.g. see it as reference code for an particular solution.

Maybe we should even go that far to make an new github organisation something like “IOTivity-code-snippets”

Note, for convenience, I shared also a mirror at:
Fell free to branch existing branches or start from blank one:

I'll be happy to review and merge contribs on this project

Also relocation of iotivity-example under iotivity's org would not be a problem for me,

Kind Regards,

I can give more details if there is any need,
meanwhile you start reading page 25 of :


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