I have a Dell, and I could not find a way to navigate with JAWS in the Sound
Card and TouchPad settings.  I had to have a mouse user turn off the
TouchPad, and make the generic sound card driver the default.  JAWS was not
a happy camper with the RealTech driver.  I believe that there is a known
problem with using external speakers and headsets on some computers running


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Hi friends,

I Have just purchased a new laptop which has Realtek audio set up on it.
When you plug in speakers, it keeps coming up with a popup asking which
device you plugged in.
I Can use the JAWS touch cursor to move around this screen and there is a
message saying do not show this dialog again which it would be good to
select but for some reason, when the touch cursor is on, I try to use the
JAWS left click button but it doesn't seem to tick this box.
I tried pressing enter and return as well.
Has anyone come across any similar issues and found a way around?
The application for the Realtek Waves seems to be very poorly written
accessability wise.
I Have tried searching for the jack selection option in other ways e.g. in
control panel, sound and under the advanced and properties tabs to no
Even tried searching the web for a registry entry but I have had no luck.
I Am also having issues with the Dell DW15 dock, when you plug in speakers
to this, it will work for a while and then the sound card will drop out.
I Have updated the system bios, device drivers and firmware etc and the same
thing still happens.

Any thought from anyone else with a similar setup would be very much


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