Hello Loy,

The following applies to a desktop configuration.  Keystrokes will be
different for a laptop configuration.  In the Hotkey Layout menu found under
the ZoomText Application menu there is an option for explaining the
keystroke differences between the desktop and laptop configurations.     

1.  With Fusion already opened move into the Fusion window either by using
Alt with tab key or CTRL with caps lock and U.  If using the mouse just
double-click the Fusion item on the taskbar.
2.  Click on the Reader tab at the top of the fusion window.  If using the
keyboard use CTRL with tab key until the Reader tab is in focus.  
Tab to the spin box where you can adjust the rate.  Up and down arrow keys
adjust one percentage at a time. 
3.  Use the OK button when the rate is where you want it.

There are a couple ways to save the changes so that your new settings load
each time you start Fusion.  To save your changes as default settings:

1.  Click on the ZoomText application menu button.  If using the keyboard
you can use up arrow until focus is on the tabs and use left arrow until you
find the button.  Use down arrow to open the menu.
2.  Use down arrow to the configuration menu and then right arrow into the
3.  Choose Save as Default from the submenu.
4.  When you click or use the enter key on Save as Default you will be asked
to confirm.  Either click on Yes or tab to the Yes button and press

If you want Fusion to always save your changes you can do this by using the
ZoomText application menu button again, using down arrow key to the
Configuration menu, using right arrow into the submenu and pressing enter
key on the Program option.
Tab across this window and you will find a checkbox to save your settings
automatically.  Use spacebar to check it or click it with the mouse.  
Click OK.

In the desktop configuration you can temporarily change rate of speech by
holding down Alt key with caps lock key and pressing the up or down arrow

Take care.

Brian Lee

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I just upgraded to Fusion from JAWS an Zoomtext. As a long time Window Eyes
user, I am finding the settings Daunting. When I just have JAWS running, I
have the speech rate like I like it, but when Fusion is running speech is
very slow. I can't seem to find where to adjust the speech rate for Fusion.
I would like both to be the same. Thanks for any help.
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