Thank you Eric,
The command you gave to bring up "command search" did not work for me. It 
brings up the JAWS context menu. 
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  Hi Loy,

  There are several options. You can go to the Fusion UI and move to the Reader 
Tab (With CTRL + TAB), and then tab once to the Rate adjustment control. 
Pressing up arrow will increase the rate and it gets saved automatically for 
when you run Fusion.

  You could also press INSERT J, and go through the JAWS menu to adjust speech 
rate while Fusion is running and it will remember that as well.

  But the best solution is to use that Command called "Increase Voice Rate 
Permanent". And I'll tell you the keystroke, but first I'll tell you how you 
could easily find it.
  While running Fusion or JAWS, you have access to a Feature I call "Command 
Search". It is like a Google Search for commands in our software. One of the 
best features by far.

  To get to it, press INSERT + Space, J.
  That will land you in the Command Search Window on an Edit where you type in 
what you think you are looking for.
  I typed in Speech and at the top of the list, was the feature you are looking 
for and the command is WindowsKey + ALT + CTRL + PageUp. And if you use 
PageDown of course, it will lower the rate of speech.

  In the March update, coming in a week or two, this "Command Search" feature 
is being added to the top of the Help Menu in JAWS. I really hope people will 
experiment with this more. It is so helpful learning different features and how 
to access them.


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  I just upgraded to Fusion from JAWS an Zoomtext. As a long time Window Eyes 
user, I am finding the settings Daunting. When I just have JAWS running, I have 
the speech rate like I like it, but when Fusion is running speech is very slow. 
I can't seem to find where to adjust the speech rate for Fusion. I would like 
both to be the same. Thanks for any help.
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