Hi David,

In my opinion, this list is not close to have run its course.  I think that 
right now we are in a smooth sailing period with JAWS and most of the commonly 
used applications and no one is running into major issues.  Of course you have 
faced the problem with mail compatibility, so I am not sure how many users that 
has impacted.  I do think as soon as JAWS18 officially hits the streets there 
will be an increase in traffic, as well as when updates to commonly used 
products become available.  

I personally am very appreciative of the hard work and effort you and the team 
put into keeping this list up and running.  I've learned a lot, and try to pay 
it back by contributing whenever possible.  This list fills a gap that is not 
able to be filled by FS/VFO Technical Support on many levels.  Please no one 
take that as a slam to FS/VFO.

Thank you David & Team!


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I am a bit concerned over the significant drop in list traffic over the past 
several weeks. Granted Microsoft has blocked out this domain and earlier this 
year road runner did the same thing. Also in the past com cast and others have 
done the same. 

It might be possible that the list has run its’ course. It is 11 years old this 
week as a matter of fact which I find hard to believe myself. 

Let’s see how things go for a while before any major decisions are made so 
don’t anybody panic at this point. I am just expressing my concern about the 
way things have dropped off so much. It had to happen sooner or later. The fact 
is I have no idea how long the average email list stays in business, I suppose 
that would be an interesting study. 

Now to sit back and see what kind of response this message generates. 
David Ferrin
You don't have to be crazy to run a list like this, but it does help. 
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