>JBoss Remoting is much more fabulous.  We need to get the word out on

I need to write some darn docs.. Too busy trying to get a new release
out on our side. Not enough hours in a day.

> I totally agree.  And yes, a constructor pointcut is the way to go.
The only downside of constructor pointcuts is that reflection bypasses
the interception! 
> Same thing with field interception.  The problem is that unlike
methods, you have to modify the bytecode of the calling logic.

Could you dynamically do an insertBefore into the CtConstructor of the
advised class which would do the interception, even on reflection?

> I will write some testcases that put the whole stack together with
constructor pointcuts.
> I'm also working on the concept of an abstract Container.  But you got
me thinking that constructor pointcuts may be enough...

I was just going to email you about the Container - just looking through
the code. Is this just the ability to create an AOP namespace or

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