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> Too bad that the whole world is more intretsed whether or not JBOSS will
> become J2EE certified.
> I was reading an article about Unintended Consequences that made me
> think of the current J2EE cerification vs. JBOSS 4.0 with AOP.
> In 1349 the black  plague was spreading around Europe. In castles and
> universities and town halls across Europe, great minds pondered the
> cause of the plague.
> And they came pretty close. The collective academic wisdom was that the
> source of the Black Plague was fleas.
> So the word went out from town to town across Europe - to stop the
> plague - kill the fleas - by killing all the dogs. And immediately the
> slaughter of all dogs began.
> But like lots of well-intentioned academic ideas it was somewhat wide of
> the mark...and had unexpected consequences. The cause was
> fleas all right, but not dog fleas...it was rat fleas. And in the 1300's
>  what was the most effective way to hold down the rat population? You
> guessed it - dogs.
> So by suggesting that townsfolk kill their dogs, the wise authorities
> had unwittingly allowed the rat population to flourish and thus a new
> vicious rash of Black Plague began.
> Before it was over, three  years later, nearly 1 out of 3 people in the
> world had died of the plague. (John Mauldin)
> So in the quest to impove J2EE have you killed it?

"Pope Paul V ordered Bellarmine to have the Sacred Congregation of the Index
decide on the Copernican theory. The cardinals of the Inquisition met on 24
February 1616 and took evidence from theological experts. They condemned the
teachings of Copernicus, and Bellarmine conveyed their decision to Galileo
who had not been personally involved in the trial. Galileo was forbidden to
hold Copernican views."

Dave, I've participated in the evolution of distributed systems of the past
10 years, DCE, CORBA, and now J2EE implementations.  System level aspects
are just the next iteration of the same theme.  The difference being that
the AOP paradigm finally let's you separate your business logic code from
your distributed infrastructure.  You will see.  Everybody will jump on the
AOP bandwagon eventually.  I'm just glad JBoss is a leader this time rather
than being just a J2EE chump follower.


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