julien viet wrote ([EMAIL PROTECTED])
> JD> Though now that I think about it I would prefer that Java was more like 
> JD> PHP in the sense of a light weight web application development language 
> JD> with its rich extensions and apis.
> we discussed with Dain at boot camp and we wished
> having a way to dynamic compile a class, I mean with
> a java compiler written in java and taking class def from
> a classloader.
> That would enable a compilation service in jboss. Would be great
> for nukes. Kopi compiler is written in 100% java and could be modified
> to achieve such results though I don't know about its license.

I did this for the PizzaCompiler as part of getting Cocoon to work
without a JDK (only a JRE needed). For Pizza this is relatively
easy as it has pluggable resource-loaders (.class files are resources
to the compiler). The pizza compiler can be found at:


I placed the sources for the pizza-loader and some wrapper and extension
classes needed to use it at: http://www.artefact.nl/pizza-loader.zip

I stripped of some extra's and commented out some lines to keep it
simple and self hosting.

Hope this helps.


Marcel Ammerlaan
Don't let people drive you crazy
when you know it's in walking distance

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