I'm happy to announce that the newest release of Jess, the Rule Engine for
the Java Platform, is available for immediate download at

Jess 7.0b5 is (probably) the penultimate release before Jess 7.0. As
such, this release is all about enhancements and fixes rather than new
features. The list of "smoothed edges" is impressive -- see below. The
most significant changes are increased robustness in the debugger, and
the restoration of the Jess 6 semantics for "modify" with multiple

>From the change log:

   Don't "wrap" external JessExceptions in another
   JessException. Fix a logical/slot-specific interaction
   (thanks Shan Ming Woo). QueryResult gives better error
   messages for undefined variable parameters or for
   calling getXXX() before next(). Pretty-print
   zero-length multislot patterns correctly (thanks
   Jonathan Sewall). (map) handles multi-argument
   functions (thanks Yuri Gribov.) (watch) accepts
   multiple arguments. Bug in handling multiple
   multifields in slot-specific templates fixed (thanks
   Howard Greenblatt). QueryResult has full
   Javadoc. Added "ppdefrule *". Static imports handle
   overloaded methods. Fixed incremental reset for
   accumulate (thanks Roger Studner). Defadvice for
   nested function calls (thanks Ivan Op de Beeck.)
   undeffacts function added. JessDE parses functions for
   rule salience values (Gribov). XMLPrinter handles "or"
   conditional element properly. Reparsing bug with
   "accumulate" in the JessDE fixed (thanks Jason
   Morris.) "modify" now once again modifies multiple
   slots simultaneously. "max" and "min" return their
   arguments using their original data types. Debugger
   now correctly steps though router I/O statements.

As usual, comments and questions are welcome at
or directly to me at [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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