I think Jonathan Sewall wrote:
> 2. I'd ask that jess.Activation.setInactive(boolean) be made public.  We 
> currently use selective firing of Activation instances from the agenda. 
> For that I employ Rete.run(1) to fire one Activation at a time and 
> Activation.setInactive() to deactivate those agenda entries listed prior 
> to the one I want to fire at a given point.  I haven't figured out how 
> to fit my selection process into the way I think a Strategy 
> implementation would work.  I'd rather use only the public API to Jess, 
> but I have to put in a package-private class to give me access to 
> Activation.setInactive().

Although I wouldn't word my response as strongly as Martijn's, I have
similar concerns. At the very least, I'm interested to hear about the
logic that chooses which activations to fire, and why it's outside the
rule engine proper, rather than being implemented as part of the
rulebase.  Can you describe in a little more detail what you're doing?

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