We're using Jess to implement a plan-recognition program whose heart is a pretty ordinary depth-limited search algorithm. Two matters, one general and one specific:

1. I'd be interested in others' experience with this use of Jess, esp. strategies for backtracking. 2. I'd ask that jess.Activation.setInactive(boolean) be made public. We currently use selective firing of Activation instances from the agenda. For that I employ Rete.run(1) to fire one Activation at a time and Activation.setInactive() to deactivate those agenda entries listed prior to the one I want to fire at a given point. I haven't figured out how to fit my selection process into the way I think a Strategy implementation would work. I'd rather use only the public API to Jess, but I have to put in a package-private class to give me access to Activation.setInactive().

Thanks very much,
Jonathan Sewall

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