Header files and man pages are currently copied to the image. The header files 
are modularized and in the following directory:

The man page for the corresponding tool should also be modularized.

This patch proposes to add a JMOD section for include header files and one for 
man pages such that they should be packaged in a JMOD file of the module they 
belong to.

Two new jmod options are added:
  --header-files <path>              Location of header files
  --man-pages <path>                 Location of man pages                 

jlink will install the header files and man pages under the `include` directory 
and `man` directory respectively.

jlink provides options to exclude header files or man page.

  --no-man-pages                    Exclude man pages
  --no-header-files                 Exclude include header files

Or use --exclude-jmod-section plugin to filter `man` or `headers` section of 
specific modules rather than all.

Option is:

where <section-name> is "man" or "headers”.

-—no-man-pages is equivalent to --exclude-jmod-section=man
-—no-header-files is equivalent to --exclude-jmod-section=headers

—-exclude-jmod-section can only be specified once for each section type.  

This patch packages the header files in JDK's JMOD files.  The man pages are 
yet to be modularized and CreateJmods.gmk has the change to prepare for it to 


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