On 13/10/2016 03:22, Mandy Chung wrote:


Header files and man pages are currently copied to the image. The header files 
are modularized and in the following directory:

The man page for the corresponding tool should also be modularized.

This patch proposes to add a JMOD section for include header files and one for 
man pages such that they should be packaged in a JMOD file of the module they 
belong to.
The changes to add the new section looks good, as does the options for the jmod tool.

For jlink then --no-man-pages and --no-header-files look good (as demonstrated by how they are used in Images.gmk to create the JRE). I'm less sure about the exclude-jmod-section plugin needing the flexibility to exclude the resources in the man page or headers section for specific modules. I would be tempted to leave that out unless it is really needed.

Implementation-wise then I don't think I have any comments. As alternative for splitting the option value is Pattern.compile(",").splitAsStream(mods).


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