On 14 October 2016 at 12:45, Adam Collard <adam.coll...@canonical.com> wrote:
> Not sure I get a vote, but -1
> You're running an old version of ReviewBoard (2.0.12 released in January
> 2015) and many of the issues I think you've been hitting are fixed in later
> revisions. Latest stable is, 3.0.x is under active development and
> brings a chunk of new UI improvements.
> Release notes for 2.5
> 3.0 demo site

I'm still not convinced.

Even 3.0 still deletes draft comments without so much as a by-your-leave
when you double-click somewhere else in the text. And because it doesn't use
real text entry boxes, the Lazarus plugin, my usual saviour in such cases,
doesn't work. I've lost far too much time to this in the past.

Replying to a comment still involves a page reload and associated lost context.

I can't see anything in the 2.5 release notes about fixing behaviour on file
move/rename, though I may well have missed it.

And not being able to deal with really large PRs is a definite issue too (not
that github is better there).


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