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(In reply to Henrik Fehlauer from comment #5)
> Thanks Joel, that's interesting: I'm using Spectacle by starting it,
> choosing options and then taking a screenshot. After this, I can just press
> the shortcuts I mentioned, right inside Spectacle.
> To me it sounds like you are using the hotkeys only, you get the "Screenshot
> taken" notification without starting the application window first. That was
> the essential information missing from your bug report ;)

Sorry, my mistake. Should have mentioned. Indeed I use it most of the time with
just Printscreen key to "region+save output file" with that script at the
moment. I use Ctrl+Printscreen to call the Gui when I want something different. 

> From the notification, you should be able to just drag the image to wherever
> you want. For a keyboard-only workflow, D9117 will bring improvements, and
> we have other bugs open to expose the shortcuts more prominently to the user.

Yes, in case I can make it stay longer before it hides it should be a
workaround as well. Thanks for the tip. 

> I could imagine having a more flexible saving/copying/exporting pipeline
> would be useful, but this would probably involve a more thorough change in
> Spectacle. I'm also hesitant to allow uploading a screenshot to the internet
> after a single keypress, we'd need at least some sort of confirmation dialog.

I don't upload images, I just gave an example of tools that allow it. And yes,
I totally agree with you. Upload everything automatically would light many red
lights on privacy side. 

> I'll leave the bug open for now, but don't hold your breath for quick
> progress. This needs more design work.

Thank you, I really appreciate it. I'm not a programmer my self but I do have
an idea how much hard work must be done before a feature like this be designed,
implemented, tested... so on. My dirty workaround is serving me well for my

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