On Friday, 23 August 2019 09:13:11 CEST Kai Uwe Broulik wrote:
> > Sorry, these all are... Irrelevant, incomprehensible, ineligible or
> > inconsiderable.
> Care to explain why you think that is?

(Not intending to put words in Boud's mouth here, and trying not to opine on 
any specific goal-proposal)

Well, there are 11 "goals", which vary greatly in detail, scope, and internal 
consistency. The original three goals were relatively high-level; it's 
possible to find a spot for yourself in working towards the goal, regardless of 
your specific skill-set. Some of the new proposals are .. well, suitable if 
you're a specific kind of technical programmer but very difficult to get behind 
if you're not in that specific class.

At least one proposal is such a "do all the things" grab-bag that it's hard to 
figure out what the propsal actually **wants**.

Of the 11 proposals, I found four I would call "goals" at a level of 
abstraction suitable for putting to the global community, a handful that are 
cool sub-projects, and a couple of "lol wut"s.

So I voted (once, although I got two invites to the same KDE address) by 
shuffling things mostly by "this isn't a viable goal" at the bottom.

> > Besides, the previous set of goals has not been achieved by a country
> > mile.
> Ignoring the fact that this isn't a SI unit, this is just not true.

No, no, Country Mile is a beer store in New Hampshire, USA. The proprietor of 
the store has not achieved the KDE goals. That's understandable, maybe we 
should have reached out to them.

This does underscore a philosophical question: the goals were set and voted 
into existence on the understanding that we (grand we, the KDE community) 
would work towards those goals for a few years. I don't think there was a 
"until the goals are achieved" implied; and neither does the end-of-term of a 
goal imply that it is achieved or not-to-be-worked-on-anymore.

FWIW, there are **new** goal proposals which can all be seen as spiritual 
successors to the original three goals. So for the "not achieved and we need 
to keep on towards the original ones" vote, there **are** selections that can 
be made.


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