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>> Hello to all members of the KDE community,
>> this friday (september the 20th) will be a big day in climate protests and 
>> hopefully also in human history: People in more than 3500 places worldwide 
>> are joining the Global Climate Strike to draw attention to the rising 
>> climate crisis.
>> The question I want to ask you is: Should KDE join this protests and show 
>> solidarity with the people engaging for this very important topic?
>> I created a phabricator task (https://phabricator.kde.org/T11717 
>> <https://phabricator.kde.org/T11717>) and will be happy about everyone 
>> discussing this very important topic.
>> I figured out two ways for us as a community to participate:
>> 1. create and publish a social media post showing KDE's support for the 
>> movement
>> 2. join the website strike (https://digital.globalclimatestrike.net/ 
>> <https://digital.globalclimatestrike.net/> 
>> https://github.com/fightforthefuture/digital-climate-strike 
>> <https://github.com/fightforthefuture/digital-climate-strike>) by showing a 
>> full-screen banner on KDE's websites to illustrate KDE's participation, 
>> raise awareness for this very important topic and mobilise people to join 
>> the protests
>> In my opinion, KDE should not only engage in its "main business" (amazing) 
>> free software and all its associated topics, but also topics concerning the 
>> wider environment KDE's software runs in.
>> One first step would be joining the Global Climate Strike to ensure future 
>> generations can enjoy KDE's software as we did, and ensure KDE still exists 
>> in 100s and 1.000s of years.
>> The most important part in KDE's community are its members, but which people 
>> should be part of KDE when humanity disposes itself due to the extreme 
>> climate crisis?
>> Your's sincerely
>> cahfofpai
>> =====
>> Ways you could participate in the Global Climate Strike on a personal basis:
>> - join a local strike (find one at 
>> https://fridaysforfuture.org/events/map?c=+All+countries&d=2019-09-20&o=all 
>> <https://fridaysforfuture.org/events/map?c=+All+countries&d=2019-09-20&o=all>
>>  or at https://globalclimatestrike.net/#map 
>> <https://globalclimatestrike.net/#map>)
>> - take part in the website strike with your personal websites 
>> (https://digital.globalclimatestrike.net/#website-assets 
>> <https://digital.globalclimatestrike.net/#website-assets>)
>> - spread the word on the internet, for example on social media
>> - organise a climate strike in your hometown 
>> (https://globalclimatestrike.net/organise/ 
>> <https://globalclimatestrike.net/organise/>), if there's not already one
> We discussed this briefly at our Board call, it's seems like a good
> idea. Maybe getting the JS bit would be a bit rushed since we don't
> really know what's in it, but we'd be happy to partake of the
> campaign.
> Adding the KDE Promo list as CC, is there anyone who would be able to help?
> Aleix

Hello Aleix and members of the KDE community,

fortunately, the JS code for the banner / widget is licensed under MIT and 
therefore free software. The repository can be found at GitHub 
<https://github.com/fightforthefuture/digital-climate-strike>) and the parsed 
JS script looks like this: https://assets.digitalclimatestrike.net/widget.js 
<https://assets.digitalclimatestrike.net/widget.js> .

We could even clone the repo and host the code ourselves. Hosting it ourselves 
would also have the advantage that we could fully customize it to our needs.

Your's faithfully

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