Hi Thomas,

Am Donnerstag, 19. September 2019, 15:04:41 CEST schrieb Thomas Pfeiffer:
> Of course KDE needs to care about our own environmental impact, which is
> why we have the ongoing discussion about an environmental policy (it's
> currently happening on the KDE e.V. members list because we first
> thought about a KDE e.V. policy), and yes, we should do even more.

Okay, that's promising a bit.

> However, that should not keep us from participating in this campaign.
> Promoting the Global Climate Strike today through our channels (it has
> to be today, since the strike is tomorrow!) could in itself have an
> effect. This is not about a grand gesture, this is about informing our
> audience about the strike.

And this is what I have been concerned about. That this is just a sudden 
gesture following mainstream, so "we also have done something! we are also 
part of the good ones! (now back to current harmful practice)".
Actually this is blurring the amount of things which would need to be done to 
get serious effects for real, and also not helping to find what actually can 
be done here.
What I said is said in the context that I have not seen serious targeted KDE 
community activity WRT environment destruction matters. And thus am totally 
unsure if the overall KDE community is a reliable partner here for those who 
work on fixing the world WRT environment damage. Or if most here do not care, 
or even dispute it or their personal responsibility to adapt their lifestyle.
Heck, KDE members use Gmail & other questionable services despite the claim to 
aspire "[a] world in which everyone has control over their digital life and 
enjoys freedom and privacy.". So what level of being serious can be expected 

More, I see all those "strikes" are substitutes for people actually handling 
or at least for postponing their own handling. Do you really need politicians 
to decide for you that you should look at what you consume and do and what 
harm it does to others, and then adopt things accordingly? Are you really all 
helpless victims of the bad evil system? Not responsible for the damage you 
create, because "politicians did not put a bin here, their fault that I drop 
my garbage on the ground"?

Who actually are the people striking against? Any chance it could be: 
themselves? To me this is rather destructive activism, organized shifting of 
responsibility to others/the system, with a dose of self-celebration. And 
stealing focus from those who are active, but missing e.g. proper promotion.

Has Free Software been created by striking?

Do not black the pages, list the solutions/approaches known so people can do 
act now in more responsible ways.


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