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  > > > It doesn't seem to fix the bug here, it's still saying that filelight 
and partitionmanager are not installed (but they are).
  > >
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  > > Can you tell me what distro you are using and maybe the full path to the 
installed desktop files of filelight and partitionmanager
  >   /usr/share/applications/org.kde.filelight.desktop
  >   /usr/share/applications/org.kde.partitionmanager.desktop
  > (on archlinux)
  Hmm, this looks fine. Actually, KMoreTools uses KService to find out if an 
application is installed by passing the desktop filename (without extension), 
i.e. "org.kde.filelight" or "org.kde.partitionmanager" 
(KService::serviceByDesktopName(desktopEntryName)). I did not fully understand 
how it works internally. It uses some caching mechanism. Could you run 
kbuildsycoca5 or relogin and try again? I have no idea how I should reproduce 
it here on my machine because it works here. When dealing with KService I got 
the impression that it is hard to find out why a particular service (desktop 
file) is _not_ found.

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