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  > > > Just update the English messages.
  > > >  More generally, why do we need copies of the system desktop files 
(even the ones developed by KDE, org.kde.filelight.desktop?) Isn't there a way 
to use the existing desktop files if installed? We don't want to duplicate what 
  > >
  > >
  > > KMoreTools provides information about applications (gives hints about 
their existence) that are maybe not installed yet. Back then, the idea was to 
reuse the translations in the desktop files. Do the duplicate desktop files 
cause duplicate translation work?
  > >  Personally, I also find the desktop file handling a bit clumsy, but 
currently I have no better idea.
  > It may be duplicated work for translations from KDE (translation memory 
helps, but the message can be non aligned anyway).
  >  This role (show information of non-installed tool) is better suited for 
  AppData: yes, I also think that these files provide more detailed information 
and support should be added in the future. The duplicate translation problem 
would remain, though, wouldn't it? Is it possible to exclude a whole directory 
from translation? (There one could put pretranslated files taken from the 
current distribution of the developer)

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