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  > > Hmm, this looks fine. Actually, KMoreTools uses KService to find out if 
an application is installed by passing the desktop filename (without 
extension), i.e. "org.kde.filelight" or "org.kde.partitionmanager" 
(KService::serviceByDesktopName(desktopEntryName)). I did not fully understand 
how it works internally. It uses some caching mechanism. Could you run 
kbuildsycoca5 or relogin and try again? I have no idea how I should reproduce 
it here on my machine because it works here. When dealing with KService I got 
the impression that it is hard to find out why a particular service (desktop 
file) is _not_ found.
  > Right, worked after a kbuildsycoca5 run.
  >  I guess +1 from my side, but this will break again as soon as one of the 
desktop files changes upstream.
  Great :).
  Yes, it will break again... but... the desktop file name reflects the 
application or component ID (see
 and this is presumably the most stable part of an application (after 
consolidating all the old names to the reverse-DNS scheme).
  Who will give the final Ship it?

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