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  Since I may or may not have been the one to bring this to @ngraham's 
attention, I'll offer my two cents and be done.
  - The mini/mono slider icons for widget & panel configs, are, I believe, 
hardcoded and drawn from Breeze.
  - The full-size two-slider icon for System Settings was done by the VDG as 
part of Breeze, so I've got to trust their judgment. An icon theme will change 
this for me if I don't like it.
  - A "gear" icon is cliche, to me. The same with a 
"crossed-wrench-and-screwdriver" design. They've been done to excess.
  - Although I am fairly handy with ~~Illustrator~~ Inkscape, I wasn't part of 
the Breeze design process, so I'm not volunteering any new icons!
  I think that above all, consistency is what matters here. If there's an 
agreed-upon change later, this patch will make it that much easier to 
  In closing, +1

  R266 Breeze Icons


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