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I found an existing bug, and added the information there.


I had filed a bug (1564745) for this a day earlier. This is an issue because the license file is in kernel-core without a name that varies by version. So whenever this file changes there is going to be a file conflict between kernel versions, which will be a pain to work around.
One option would be to change the name to match the kernel version.
Another option would be put it in kernel instead of kernel-core.
Another option would be to have a versioned name in kernel-core and a symlink to it with the normal name in kernel.

I wanted to wait a bit before forcing an update so that I can easily test the solution provided. But it is a pain dealing with the file conflict, because it isn't detected early enough by dnf to be excluded and causes updates to fail unless I manually say not to use kernel-core. And even that has some bad interactions with distro-sync when I need that.
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