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Hello there,
Any improvements made in providing ability for Ubuntu users to upgrade to
later versions? I'm still stuck in--

Kexi Version 2.8.5
I am sorry that ubuntu offers no such support for free software.
Upgrading the OS can be an option.
Or requesting support from ubuntu or someone who can develop a backport.
This can be requested on an ubuntu forum.
A modern way of distributing software may help us soon:


Looks wonderful-- I am really looking forward to the day when I'll be able to upgrade kexi versions. The version I have right now is so dysfunctional. Any time the mouse crosses from the left side of the screen into the left side of the table, it makes the table jump to the top. This is endlessly frustrating and a huge waste of time. Say I am working in row #750, the mouse moves across the left border of the table and all of a sudden the table jumps to row#1. If there is any fix for this, please advise.

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