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            Hello there,
            Any improvements made in providing ability for Ubuntu users to 
upgrade to
            later versions? I'm still stuck in--

            Kexi Version 2.8.5
            I am sorry that ubuntu offers no such support for free software.
            Upgrading the OS can be an option.
            Or requesting support from ubuntu or someone who can develop a 
            This can be requested on an ubuntu forum.
            A modern way of distributing software may help us soon:


            Looks wonderful-- I am really looking forward to the
            day when I'll be able to upgrade kexi versions. The
            version I have right now is so dysfunctional. Any time
            the mouse crosses from the left side of the screen into
            the left side of the table, it makes the table jump to
            the top. This is endlessly frustrating and a huge waste
            of time. Say I am working in row #750, the mouse moves
            across the left border of the table and all of a sudden
            the table jumps to row#1. If there is any fix for this,
            please advise.

        ​ All this was long ago fixed.​
        ​ My advice is to upgrade the OS or install​ another copy
        in a virtual machine or different computer. Regardless of
        availability of the Snap packages, staying with outdated
        software on LTS platforms will be always a compromise. It's
        not a problem for apps that do not evolve much anymore but
        Kexi is actively developed and users are hungry for features :)

        We'll be looking for a way when practically every week new
        updates appear for Kexi.

        There are so many software packages which update regularly
        every week with the Ubuntu update manager-- it happens
        automatically. If Kexi could be incorporated into this
        feature, it would be great.

    OK. Do you mean official packages from Canonical or do you have
    unofficial repositories added?

Either would be perfectly fine.

        As for upgrading the OS, the Final Version of the new Ubuntu
        LTS 16.04 is coming out on April 21. My current LTS 14.04 is
        in all other regards functioning wonderfully, and I would
        have no other reason to upgrade given my own specific usage
        patterns and needs. Upgrading would only be done for getting
        an updated Kexi, and for me upgrading Ubuntu on a MacBook
        Pro is not a small job. So this being the case, let me just
        ask the following questions:

    I can't see updates for even new Ubuntu on this web page, 2.9.7
    is too old:

    Does this mean that 16.04 is going to install an old version of

    Or are you saying you don't know what version of Kexi it will

    ​ There's contact email to the
    developers where yo ucan ask for help.

    ​ But have you tried this advice?

    Now this is very exciting indeed. I will definitely try this--
    right now.

    Do I need to first uninstall my existing version of Kexi? And if
    so, can I use the Ubuntu software manager to do the install?

    Or can I leave the current install in place and install 2.9.11
    alongside it?

​ There can be only one version installed in one system, and the system would only propose installation is ​newer version is found.

I just now uninstalled kexi using the Ubuntu software manager, and then followed the listed tutorial for the new install of Calligra 2.9.11. But to my surprise, it merely re-installed the very same old version which I've had for ages (Kexi Version 2.8.5, Using KDE Platform Version 4.14.13). So I'm afraid the tutorial is not working for installing Calligra 2.9.11. It just installs the ages old version of KOffice which comes with Ubuntu 14.04 repos. Please do let me know if you have a solution for this.

just to add some salt.
Running Kubuntu 15.10 which delivers Kexi 2.9.7 (much better than 2.8.5) I added the backport PPA ....which put down the file manager, and did not upgrade Kexi to 2.9.11

So I just went back to before the added PPA, corrected some problems....and now go on waiting for next upgrades of Kexi by basic PPAs, since, on another hand, I don't success to compile....
Robert Leleu

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