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2. Will the version of Kexi which is included have the following features:

-Ability to add rows to the middle of a table which is already in
I see how it may be usable. It's not supported now.
Database table is not a spreadsheet's sheet, so the order is defined
by current sorting, for given column, based on contents. Even if we
have this feature, placement of a new row would be kept until another
sorting or re-opening the table view. This my be the reason why I know
no software that supports the feature.

MS Access has this feature, and has had it for many, many years. All the features I asked about are long-held features of MS Access. I migrated from Windows to Linux ten years ago and have been with Linux systems ever since, but these features of MS Access are things I sorely miss. My brother also works on Ubuntu on his Mac, and has installed Parallels (virtual software) so he could install Windows, just so that he could use MS Access.
-Ability to add columns to the middle of a table which is already in
Yes, it has been available for a long time. But table is recreated
then from scratch without prior data.
We're collecting funds for this big development:
It it destroys all the data, the feature is of no use. Again, this has been a standard feature of MSA for many, many years. One can do any sort of manipulation of an MSA table: rearrange rows, rearrange columns, rename columns, add new rows and columns in the middle of pre-existing tables, highlight and copy-paste sections of the table and past it in other sections of the table. The MSA table is so fluid and flexible. And it is this very maneuverability that Liinux users still write about and lament the loss of when they moved to Linux.

-Ability to change the name of a column in an existing table. (Currently
this requires going into the data view, with the warning that making any
changes will wipe out all the data in the table)
It's unsupported like the above.

-Ability to move existing rows/columns in a table which is already in
This wish is reported, feel free to vote for it.

My intent here was not at all to rub Kexi's nose in the dirt; I know you are working hard and I appreciate the progress you've made. I only raised the subject as you said you'd never seen any DB software that has the row-adding feature. In my mind, if I have to describe the ideal DB software today though, it does still remain MSA. If you are able to replicate the amazing features in MSA, you will have truly created an amazing tool for Linux users.


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