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>> 2. Will the version of Kexi which is included have the following features:
>> -Ability to add rows to the middle of a table which is already in
>> existence

I see how it may be usable. It's not supported now.
Database table is not a spreadsheet's sheet, so the order is defined
by current sorting, for given column, based on contents. Even if we
have this feature, placement of a new row would be kept until another
sorting or re-opening the table view. This my be the reason why I know
no software that supports the feature.

We have no wish reported for it.  Please report if you like and vote.

>> -Ability to add columns to the middle of a table which is already in
>> existence

Yes, it has been available for a long time. But table is recreated
then from scratch without prior data.
We're collecting funds for this big development:

>> -Ability to change the name of a column in an existing table. (Currently
>> this requires going into the data view, with the warning that making any
>> changes will wipe out all the data in the table)

It's unsupported like the above.

>> -Ability to move existing rows/columns in a table which is already in
>> existence

This wish is reported, feel free to vote for it.

regards, Jaroslaw Staniek

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