Hi, this is more of a tiny proposal in patch form, and a trivial one so if 
there is reason to reject it that I haven't thought of (or its just not wanted) 
please do so! 

The current wxwidgets patches in the <kicad-source-tree>/patches directory use 
inconsistent formatting.  The majority use "=== modified fie '...' " headers 
for each file, but some of the more recent ones use the command run as the 
header, but this causes problems if you try to combine the patches.  Anyone 
making build scripts or just wants to save time by using cat to merge the 
patches into one file, or simply pipe the output directly to patch will be 
unable to do so, and they'll have to manually run patch for each patchfile with 
the 'diff' headers.  It just seems needlessly inconsistent.  Altering the 
headers to all use "=== modified file" headers will not break anyone's scripts 
etc., as far as I know. 

Also, one of the patches, wxwidgets-3.0.2_macosx_data_view_ctrl.patch, won't 
even patch correctly using -p0, it is set up so it requires -p1. 

All this patch does is make the patch headers consistent and patch paths all 
have consistent --strip (-p) levels, that of 0.  

That is all included in patch_patch.patch 

Oh, and on a related note, I noticed the path has gotten mangled in the 
compling.md documentation:

> Download the wxPython source and build using the following commands:
>     cd path-to-wxwidgets-src
>     patch -p0 < path-to-kicad-src/patches/wxwidgets-3.0.0_macosx.patch
>     patch -p0 < path-to-kicad-src/wxwidgets-3.0.0_macosx_bug_15908.patch   
> <----------- /path/ missing from path here
>     patch -p0 < path-to-kicad-src/patches/wxwidgets-3.0.0_macosx_soname.patch
>     patch -p0 < 
> path-to-kicad-src/patches/wxwidgets-3.0.2_macosx_yosemite.patch
>     patch -p0 < 
> path-to-kicad-src/patches/wxwidgets-3.0.0_macosx_scrolledwindow.patch
>     mkdir build

Also, I wanted to confirm, are these the only patches that should be applied? 
For 10.7, I think it is correct.

Maybe we could add something explicitly saying what the other wxwidgets patches 
are for (or rather, when they are to be used).  The yosemite one is obvious, 
magnify event is for El Capitan, not sure about the retina patch or dataview 
patch.  I think we should mention them in the documentation though, rather than 
expecting someone trying to build kicad to discover them on their own. 

Anyway, I know this is about as trivial a matter as can be, so sorry if anyone 
feels this is a waste of time.  Figured I might as well though.  

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