Patch committed to master.  Thank you for your contribution.



On 9/15/2016 6:21 AM, Collin Anderson wrote:
> Hi, this is more of a tiny proposal in patch form, and a trivial one so if 
> there is reason to reject it that I haven't thought of (or its just not 
> wanted) please do so! 
> The current wxwidgets patches in the <kicad-source-tree>/patches directory 
> use inconsistent formatting.  The majority use "=== modified fie '...' " 
> headers for each file, but some of the more recent ones use the command run 
> as the header, but this causes problems if you try to combine the patches.  
> Anyone making build scripts or just wants to save time by using cat to merge 
> the patches into one file, or simply pipe the output directly to patch will 
> be unable to do so, and they'll have to manually run patch for each patchfile 
> with the 'diff' headers.  It just seems needlessly inconsistent.  Altering 
> the headers to all use "=== modified file" headers will not break anyone's 
> scripts etc., as far as I know. 
> Also, one of the patches, wxwidgets-3.0.2_macosx_data_view_ctrl.patch, won't 
> even patch correctly using -p0, it is set up so it requires -p1. 
> All this patch does is make the patch headers consistent and patch paths all 
> have consistent --strip (-p) levels, that of 0.  
> That is all included in patch_patch.patch 
> Oh, and on a related note, I noticed the path has gotten mangled in the 
> documentation:
>> Download the wxPython source and build using the following commands:
>>     cd path-to-wxwidgets-src
>>     patch -p0 < path-to-kicad-src/patches/wxwidgets-3.0.0_macosx.patch
>>     patch -p0 < path-to-kicad-src/wxwidgets-3.0.0_macosx_bug_15908.patch   
>> <----------- /path/ missing from path here
>>     patch -p0 < path-to-kicad-src/patches/wxwidgets-3.0.0_macosx_soname.patch
>>     patch -p0 < 
>> path-to-kicad-src/patches/wxwidgets-3.0.2_macosx_yosemite.patch
>>     patch -p0 < 
>> path-to-kicad-src/patches/wxwidgets-3.0.0_macosx_scrolledwindow.patch
>>     mkdir build
> Also, I wanted to confirm, are these the only patches that should be applied? 
> For 10.7, I think it is correct.
> Maybe we could add something explicitly saying what the other wxwidgets 
> patches are for (or rather, when they are to be used).  The yosemite one is 
> obvious, magnify event is for El Capitan, not sure about the retina patch or 
> dataview patch.  I think we should mention them in the documentation though, 
> rather than expecting someone trying to build kicad to discover them on their 
> own. 
> Anyway, I know this is about as trivial a matter as can be, so sorry if 
> anyone feels this is a waste of time.  Figured I might as well though.  
> Thanks!
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