It's been difficult to follow the discussion, and the subject matter and
problems related to it are complex. If only minimal changes are done now I
want to propose two easy things (which may have been mentioned before, but
I didn't find them):

1. The Render items seem to be in a random order, at least to me. Try to
find some logical order where each item is easy to find.

2. There are logically two quite different things in the Render tab: layer
items and helper items. The latter a partly redundant because they belong
to general or view settings. Maybe some of them could be removed from here.
At least group them meaningfully and separate them visibly from the layer
items. I think there's even enough width in the "Visibles" area (that name
isn't very good IMO, BTW) to have a third tab where the helper items could

As far as other things are concerned, I have found the differently colored
hole pads annoying and distracting. To me a copper pad is a copper pad,
whether it has a hole in it or not. The holes themselves are a different

In general I would like to have a gerber-like view in the board editor, so
that I can see how the copper layer looks like without opening it in the
gerber viewer. Differently colored pads would be a distraction for that
purpose, although good for other purposes. It would also be great to see
all the holes like in a drill file. I haven't thought this thoroughly but I
would suggest having an option to view all holes - not the pads where they
belong - as a "layer", in one color.

2018-02-19 19:16 GMT+02:00 Jon Evans <>:

> Lots of good feedback here and on the forums.
> For a long time it has been on my to-do list to add "saved view schemes"
> like Altium and Xpedition support, which would allow you to quickly pull up
> sets of shown/hidden layers/objects.
> I still plan on working on that for 6.0.
> In the short term it might be best to keep changes to a minimum (Andrzej's
> patches perhaps plus some other small tweaks)
> -Jon
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