> Christopher got me thinking: For 260 and 264 are repeatable, as a side effect 
> of cataloguing rule changes, they might even appear both in a record (even if 
> they shouldn't). Which year will be given priority? For display purposes in 
> the brief views, only one year should be displayed.

TransformMarcToKoha already picks the first year from copyrightdate; this is 
not changed. In the new code it will handle fields sorted by tag. So 260 will 
be handled before 264. Within the same tag, it will handle fields based on 
their order in the MARC record itself. With 1950 in field 260 and 1960 in field 
264, a string results like ‘1950 | 1960’. In case of copyrightdate the current 
logic of picking the first year (from 260 in this example) will be applied. So 
returning 1950. I assume that the example of a 260 and a 264 is rare, but I can 
imagine that there are multiple 264s in a RDA record. In that case it depends 
on the order of the 264s in the MARC.
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