Hello Koha community,

I am a system administrator at Arizona State University and have inherited
a Koha database.  I have been wanting to dabble in Koha for a while so now
I am jumping into a full live database.  The original setup was running
Koha 3.x (sorry I don't have the original version readily available) but I
am updating hardware and software for the library and in doing so we are
now using Koha 16.05.

Now the reason for the posting, everything appears to have imported
properly into the new build but one problem I am having is when exporting
spine labels to PDF it capitalizes everything.  When I view the item
record, go through the quick spine label creator or export to csv the
capitalization is correct.  I have not been able to find where to change

Thank you

Nathan Cluff

System Administrator

Arizona State University

School of Earth and Space Exploration

P.O. Box 6004

Tempe, Arizona  85281
P: 480-727-2149 | C: 480-593-2502
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