Nathan A. Curulla suggested:
> Maybe we should change the listing to “contributing support companies” or 
> something like that.

While I think that is a good idea, and then companies without community 
participation get removed, the problem still remains: people don't read. 
We've put a nice disclaimer that this is not an official list and has no 
official seal of approval meaning to the list, and yet people still use it 
that way. It is impossible to educate people who refuse to read, even though 
the preamble write up is a rather good explanation of how to look for a Koha 
support provider. As such, the only reasonable course of action is to delete 
the list, otherwise it will continue to be used that way, no matter what we 
put on the page(s).

Owen Leonard wrote:
> It would be a duplicate listing ... and should be rejected.

Who determines it is a duplicate listing? Because last time I looked some 
other entries looked like duplicates to me, much like OpenLX/BBB. And 
cleaning up duplicates is a pain. Yet another reason to just delete the list 

Mark Tompsett

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