Like Joe, I also have a small composite header tank and wing tanks.  I carry 9 
gallons in the header and 6 1/2 in either wing.  I run gravity feed from the 
header at all times, and transfer fuel from the wings to the header 
periodically in flight.  With this type of configuration, I see very little CG 
shift on any given flight.  Some people don't like having fuel in the cockpit.  
Some of us don't mind having header tanks.  That's your call for your own 
safety.  Not having a header tank in the way makes maintenance behind the panel 
easier.  Ultimately, it's your call.

-Jeff Scott
Los Alamos, NM


Subject: Re: KR> Fuel header tank
Hi Deon,
I have a KR-2s with a 12 gal. header tank and am currently building another 
that I retained the same idea but in a slightly smaller form of 7.5 gal. My 
theory is that gravity never quits so fuel flow would never quit. Having said 
that the KR2 is much more pitch sensitive. During any cross country flight I 
probably only adjust trim one time as the fuel is burned off the header tank 
and it is really not an issue for the 2s stability. The other main issue is 
safety which is up to any one persons own tolerance. I personally have a 
fiberglass header tank and the plan is not to break it. That is not good enough 
for many good men. You have an aluminum tank which may or may not be stronger 
and less resistant to a rupture. Another down side to wing only is the fuel 
line and pump layout and operations.
    Having mentioned all these items I would likely put in wing tanks and ditch 
the header. I do not know what stag of completion the plane is in but maybe 
adding to the fuselage length is an option. It would be a far safer airplane by 
all accounts.
Joe Horotn,

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Subject: KR> Fuel header tank

Hi Guys

The partial KR2 (original design) I have bought is fitted with an
aluminum fuel tank in front of the instrument panel. From the
information I have available this is not a good idea (shift of CoG, fire
danger etc.)

Would you advise that I ditch this and create wing tanks? Given all the
ho-ha about CoG issues I am not sure I will be able to pass inspection
with this tank in place!

This is a big step for me so some advice would be appreciated.



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