I used an electric melting pot when I was doing a bunch of reloading.  If you 
want to keep the lead "clean", drop some parafin on top the hot lead and stir 
it and it make the junk float off.  WATCH OUT.  Sometimes it will FLASH OFF.  
Face shield and gloves should be mandatory for protection.

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I have melted lead many times on the stove and I think all my brain cells
remain intact. You're melting it, not boiling it, so the amount getting
into the air is insignificant.  Obviously don't ever use the pot again for
food.  A tin can sounds like a good idea.

Mike Taglieri

On Jan 28, 2017 10:59 AM, "Chris Kinnaman via KRnet" <krnet@list.krnet.org>

> Maybe you could cut the exact shape & size you need.
> On 1/28/2017 8:47 AM, Paul Visk via KRnet wrote:
>> Thanks for all the advice from one pothead.  I guess I was a little
>> impatient. I'll cut this hunk down into littler pieces. That will help.
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