Ken Hurley wrote:

> Not to throw you a big curve ball here, have you considered Culver Prop?

Sensenich props are expensive, but they have proven to be one of the best performing props for KRs with a Corvair. They are CNC'd and very high quality, and very repeatable, which is not something you can get with handmade props. If somebody has a Culver prop that works on a Corvair though, you could always borrow one and try it, and borrow a Sensenich to see which one works best.

One big advantage to buying a prop that is known to be almost perfect is that you're not going to have to have an "outlyer" repitched or replaced to make it a better fit. Trial and error can get expensive in a hurry when it comes to props that cost $400-$1000 each.

Mark Langford

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