Rick Lanning wrote:

> Ok Mark thanks that helps a lot the number would be nice to if its not to much trouble.

The 54x54 Sensenich prop has a part number of W54SKL54S, and it also has a number AF8577 on it, which is probably a serial number.

The 54x56 prop is W54SKL56S (obviously), and I don't have the other (serial) number for that one. I'm not sure where that prop is, but I looked at a W54x58 and indeed its part number is W54SKL58S, so that's the nomenclature.

I would recommend the 54x56 over the 54x54. The 54x54 turned high RPMs on N56ML, and that's probably higher than most people like. There's something to be said for more cruise than climb, and with a Corvair, it's going to climb like crazy anyway.

As a data point, I think Joe Horton's flying a 54x60 Sensenich (same family), but his is a 3100cc engine. I've flown my plane with both 2700cc and 3100cc engines, and there's about a 2"-3" pitch difference between their power output.

Mark Langford

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