Finally... at last... I am back from the mountains and in Arkansas to stay.  
OK, I'm game to meet up for breakfast/lunch most anywhere or anytime.  I 
terminated my security clearances and turned in my credentials yesterday, so am 
-Jeff Scott
Cherokee Village, AR
Beautiful day this morning for an 85 mile breakfast flight.  CAVU,
little or no wind, and not a bump in the air.  I did some calculations
on the return flight and it showed 163 mph TAS at 3500 MSL burning 5
gallon per hour at 2450rpm.  A real traveling machine and awesome flyer.

As soon as Jeff Scott gets moved off the mountain and down to the flat
lands this should be a good place to meet up for breakfast. KDXE.

Larry Flesner

KDXE it is. I'm vacationing at the new place in Arkansas for a couple of weeks. 
Spent today unboxing my tools and parts and worked at getting the new hangar 
and shop area put together. That's going to take another day or two of effort. 
I did finally get the KR out a couple of days ago. That's the first time I've 
had it started since the Gathering in September. It felt good to get to fly it 
again, but I've got to learn how to deal with operating near sea level. This 
concept of having the plane leap off the ground and throttling back in the air 
are very foreign to me.

Back to the mountain next weekend, then the weekend after that I'll be an Arky 
for good.

Jeff Scott
Cherokee Village, AR


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