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Larry Flesner

*Christmas Eve at the Airport*

On the eve before Christmas all KR’s in the land

are snug in their hangars with birds called “spam-cans”.

The spam-cans all chuckle as they set in their stall

To see a winged creature with proportions so small

But the KR’s don’t mind for they’ve heard it before

And they’ve outlived the rumors, the legends, and lore

It’s been said they are tricky like walking on ice

But the pilots that fly them say they are really quite nice.

They’re as swift as a swallow as it chases a bug

Climbing and diving while the spam-can’s a slug

When it flies by low level you’d better not blink

For it’s there, then it’s gone in one half of a wink

They may be small but their size is just right

For stuffing your stocking if you’re good till tonight

Then you add some epoxy, get the wings set up right

And in no time at all, you’re ready for flight

So don’t fret or worry if you wake up in fear

And think you hear Santa, his sleigh, and reindeer

The buzzing, the swoosh, and the YEEEE HAAAAAA’s you hear

Are KR pilots saying “it’s been a GREAT YEAR!!!!!!!!!”

Wishing a happy holiday season to all……..

© Larry Flesner12/06

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