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Larry Flesner

Tripacer 2917P

T’was the night before Christmas and up in the air

Flew 17 Papa causing people to stare

It’s hard to believe cause it sounds so absurd

Since he bought the Tripacer, Larry thinks he’s a bird

To Wisconsin, Kentucky, Oklahoma, let’s see

Illinois and Missouri and yes, Tennessee

“Can you fly 90 hours in six months?” they all ask

Well, he only comes down when he’s looking for gas

With the ground speed 180 there’s a wind on the tail

Imagine the ground speed if she just had a sail

Ground winds are 20 with gusts to four 0

But the Tripe has a nose wheel so it’s go baby go!

If he lands at your airport don’t even ask why

Just take pity on “Birdman” as he’s waving goodbye

You see he can’t help it; it’s a many year dream

Not to rent but to own his own flying machine

With the annual behind him, a thing of the past

It’s a quick oil change and a fill up with gas

Bill Riggin, his buddy, helps him stay in the air

If he were Santa’s mechanic it’d be Christmas all year

He goes every direction, when it’s dark or its light

So his flight’s no surprise on a Christmas Eve night

He paints pretty targets with his transponder on

It wouldn’t surprise me if he’s up there till dawn

He just passed a sleigh with a pilot named “Nick”

Who thinks his contraption is clever and quick

But as Larry blows by him, Nick shouts in disgust

This sleigh may be clever, but a “Tripe” is a must

For you see Santa once bought a “Pacer” in stead

But a ground loop maneuver put him back in his sled

Now fret not or worry, it turned out all right

Or you wouldn’t be hearing those sleigh bells tonight

© 1998 Larry Flesner, Carterville, Illinois 62918

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