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‘Twas the day before Christmas and out on the ramp

Sat a little KR, a mischievous scamp

He should be in his hangar or so he was told

But he just had to see what the day would behold

He’d heard of this fellow all dressed up in red

He was told there were reindeer that powered his sled

He couldn’t believe that a sleigh could take wing

He’d been born in a shop where logic was king

With patience he sat there till day turned to night

And that’s when he saw it, a twinkle of light

It seemed headed his way and it gave him a chill

When he heard what seemed thunder just over the hill

The rumble got louder, he was frozen in stare

There were thirty six hooves all pounding the air

There was anti-collision that flashed on the nose

And the elf shook with laughter from his head to his toes

He was headed down final, you could tell by his grin

That he didn’t fly patterns and he landed downwind

He knew KR waited so he stopped for a chat

They talked as he dusted the snow from his hat

Too soon they were leaving they were off in a leap

They were picking up speed and climbing out steep

They flew straight as an arrow and it’s only a guess

That Rudolph was using his new GPS

And then it was over they were all out of site

And he couldn’t believe what was told him that night

He rolled back to the hangar but the invite was clear

“If you install an aux tank you can join me next year”


Larry Flesner12/24/2005

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