> Has anyone considered using the oil cooler for cabin heat? What do you see as Pros and Cons (diminished chance of exhaust fumes, etc.)?
> Thanks,
> Rodger

Given that I've never flown behind an oil cooler heated airplane, I'm not technically qualified to answer this, but I can't imagine how a small 175F oil cooler can generate anywhere near the heat of a 1350F exhaust pipe. Do the math on that, and I think you'll agree. And EGT is nice and toasty at runup. It may take 15 minutes for an oil cooler to get up to temp. I think if oil coolers worked well as heaters, Volkswagen would have use them rather than dual exhaust heat exchangers. Try it and let us know how it works though. I've yet to fly in weather cold too cold for my exhaust muff heated plane to easily heat the cabin, even in the winter at high altitude with outside air temps below zero.

I don't worry much about carbon monoxide. I have a monitor on the panel and I'm already flying behind a VW, with a header system that I built myself, so apparently I have a death wish already....

Mark Langford

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