Well, facts are facts.  And sometimes they are even right. ;o)

I suspect that somewhere along the line, either Dan or Steve made a change to 
the gear design.  While it is highly unlikely I still have the installation 
instructions from 24 years ago, it seems pretty clear to me that turning the 
gear around by swapping sides with the gear mounts was the standard at the 
time.  Many of us did so, and I did have a discussion with Dan about it before 
I did so.  Back when Dan was selling them, the gear was universal and could be 
mounted either way.  Perhaps in the later years, Dan either made a change to 
accommodate the longer and heavier -2S planes, or Steve made a change for 
similar reasons, or to work better with the pre-cut Grumman gear legs Steve is 
using vs the scotchply sheets Dan was cutting up to fabricate the gear legs.  
Since he hasn't chimed in on the subject, we don't really know.  But I also 
have little doubt that what Chris says is also true, that now days, there are 
two different sets of legs.  We just don't know when, how or why that came 

-Jeff Scott
Cherokee Village, AR


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I am not disputing that purpose built conventional gear can be used for
tricycle gear. I am just stating the fact that there are two types of
purpose built main gear for the two types. This is not an opinion, it is a
fact. I have physically held both of them in my hand and there is a
difference. Once again, if you look in the archives about this you can see
a message from Steve Glover, the only person who has the rights and makes
the landing gear, that there is a difference. Mark, you even chimed in and
agreed with the conversation. I am not ranting or trying to argue, I just
want people to know the facts.

On Mon, Jun 11, 2018 at 5:12 PM, mark jones via KRnet <krnet@list.krnet.org>

> I reversed mine on my first KR. They were ordered as conventional and I
> installed as tri gear. Worked great for me. I have the original
> instructions and will look when I get home.
> Mark Jones
> Oldsmar, Fl
> www.flykr2s.com[http://www.flykr2s.com]
> flyk...@gmail.com
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> > On Jun 11, 2018, at 9:04 AM, Flesner via KRnet <krnet@list.krnet.org>
> wrote:
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > NVAero list a set of Diehl gear on their web page at
> http://www.nvaero.com/products/Diehl-Main-Landing-Gear-Assembly.html[http://www.nvaero.com/products/Diehl-Main-Landing-Gear-Assembly.html]
>  for
> tail wheel setup.
> >
> > The photo for trigear shows the same gear leg and bracket and the shape
> of the leg is similar to the little drawing I posted.
> >
> > http://www.nvaero.com/diehl-complete-tri-gear-kit-with-[http://www.nvaero.com/diehl-complete-tri-gear-kit-with-]
> wheel-pants-fairings/
> >
> > The first web address above says I reviewed them on November 4, 2010 and
> said they are rugged and easy to install. I don't recall making that
> review and can't find that post in the archives but they are rugged and
> easy to install. The original aluminum lower casting I thought was a poor
> design and I made my lower axle attach bracket using 4130 at about the same
> time that Dan Diehl recalled all the lower brackets and replaced them with
> a steel bracket very similar to the ones I made.
> >
> > If someone can come up with the original Diehl install instructions we
> can bring this issue to conclusion, even if it was confirmed years ago.
> I'm still on the side of "they are reversible"
> >
> > Larry Flesner
> >

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