Mark Wegmet wrote:

> A fair number of folks use Kenosha Regional (KENW) as a stopping
> off/practice location.

I guess I'm borderline anti-social, but I'd rather stop at a small
airport that's not so popular.  I think the idea is a great one....we
used to go to Mark Jones' place in Stevens Point, and we had a blast
hanging out and swapping stories, cooking out, and have a beer or two
the night before, leaving early the next morning.  I do like the idea of
furthering this tradition, and second the motion of finding a suitable
place next year to do this...maybe even this year.   I regret that it'll
cost us money to stay in a hotel, but it'll be worth it to get in early,
beating the crosswinds and more importantly, the traffic. It might even
be possible to camp at the airport, if we can get that lucky. It also
helps us get a great parking space out in front of Homebuilders
Headquarters, and eliminates a lot of potential weather problems when
you're only a half hour away.  

One thing I'd like to add to Larry's excellent OSH writeup is to feel
free to go back to Ripon if things get too bunched up in front of you. 
It wouldn't be an OSH arrival if several folks didn't descend or climb
up in front of you, gutting your gap in half.  It makes maintaining 90
knots and 1800' a lot harder than it sounds.  One year I went back to
Ripon twice before I finally got lucky and made it all the way in.  The
best way for KRs to do this is to all go in together, with our speed,
altitude, and spacing all set up as we get to Ripon, forcing everybody
else to work around us.  If we go in early though, traffic shouldn't be
a big deal.

Mark Langford, Harvest, AL
ML "at"

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