Fon Du Lac airport just 15 or a little more miles straight south of Oshkosh 
would be a good place to gather for an Oshkosh arrival. It is also just south 
east of Ripon. Some people fly into this airport and camp there during the air 
venture convention and commute back and forth by bus or auto daily. There are 
motels and restaurants in easy walking distance. If you want to camp there it’s 
no problem at that airport, they welcome that.
When ready to fly to Oshkosh either go northeast to Ripon or make arrangements 
with the controllers at Oshkosh and fly straight up highway 41, 15 miles land 
on the main north south runway, Easy.

Larry H

> On Jul 9, 2018, at 6:48 AM, Mark Langford wrote:
> I guess I'm borderline anti-social, but I'd rather stop at a small
> airport that's not so popular.  I think the idea is a great one....we
> used to go to Mark Jones' place in Stevens Point, and we had a blast
> hanging out and swapping stories, cooking out, and have a beer or two
> the night before, leaving early the next morning.  I do like the idea of
> furthering this tradition, and second the motion of finding a suitable
> place next year to do this...maybe even this year.   I regret that it'll
> cost us money to stay in a hotel, 
> One thing I'd like to add to Larry's excellent OSH writeup is to feel
> free to go back to Ripon if things get too bunched up 

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