On 9/9/2018 8:17 AM, peter via KRnet wrote:
The more thorough the mixing of water and gas, and the longer you let the 
mixture settle out before filtering, the better. Remember that all mogas 
contains traces of alchohol because of cross-contamination in distribution. The 
stickers on the pumps tell you this. 100LL is a pain for refiners to distribute 
because they cannot allow Any T-E-Lead to contaminate their other products. 

I put hundreds of hours on the Tripacer and KR using MoGas without a problem but not any more.  I've purchased fuel (Shell) at a local station that charged a higher price for "no-alcohol" fuel and found it loaded with alcohol.  You can't trust the system on an issue like this.  You might get rid of the alcohol but the gas is crap like Jeff found out the hard way.  Check, double check, and practice engine out procedures.

Larry Flesner

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