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Whats everybody using for fuel tank,tanks?????


For transporting and mixing fuel, I have a 110 gallon tank with a 12V gasoline 
rated rotary vane electric pump.  It is grounded to the truck frame and powered 
via a fused 20 Amp lead from the truck fuse block.  The tank is equipped with 
pump, water stop fuel filtration, a flow meter, grounding fuel hose, and fuel 
nozzle.  The tank is also equipped with an appropriately rated DOT approved 
pressure cap to relieve pressure (2-1/2 psi) on expansion and allow air back 
into the tank on contraction (1/2 psi).  There is also a grounding cable to go 
between the fuel tank and the plane.  The attached photo is a couple of years 
old as the fuel hose and flow meter have since been replaced due to damage from 
the chemicals in the fuels I used recently.  I have been using this rig for 
more than 30 years now.

Local laws may vary on the amount of fuel you can haul under personal use vs 
requiring a commercial license.  Quite frankly, I haven't checked the laws in 
Arkansas yet, but in New Mexico, one was allowed to haul up to 113 gallons of 
fuel without a need to upgrade insurance or drivers licensing.

-Jeff Scott
Cherokee Village, AR

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